Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How to build the team spirit?

As a manager of the team, you need to ensure that team members have healthy relationships with each other.
You can resort to below ways to build rapport within your team.

  1. You should open the communication channel between employees and management.
  2. Weekly catch-up meetings should be conducted to connect with all members and understand their achievement or concerns more effectively.
  3. You should also address rising attrition rates and ways to retain the employees. Employees are lured by the attractive packages offered by companies. Some employees are blackmailing managers to give unreasonable hikes. We concluded that we should not give in to their demands unless employee really deserves or merits it and worthy enough.
  4. Holes, lacunae and gaps in existing system must be filled up.
  5. You should conduct more team building activities like outings, team dinners, parties etc. This helps people know each other and bolster the bond of affection and love resulting in healthy work atmosphere within team. A good rapport among team members is very essential for the overall growth of the team and project. 
  6. Members should not hold any grudges with each other. Team outings and gathering help the team get rid of resentments, animosity, disgusts, hostility, bitterness, antipathies and hatreds. Team gatherings also help build a strong team connected by the bond of happiness, Contentment, joy, cheerfulness, bliss and delight which eventually nurtures, cultivates and fosters harmony, unity, coordination and synchronization in the team.

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